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Independent Funeral Professionals was founded nearly a decade ago to meet three challenges of funeral service:  1) To Promote Family-owned Independent Funeral Homes that Subscribe to a Commitment to Excellence of Service to their Communities; 2) Provide New Learning and Information to Member Firms; and 3) Be a Source of Information to the Public for the Value and Importance of Quality Funeral Service.

To the public, we are an important resource in understanding funeral service and determining your options.  We represent a group of active, creative supporters of the future of the independent funeral home. These forward-thinking business owners have joined together to share information, learn new ways of serving families better, and constantly renew their commitment to excellence in the funeral profession.

The great reputation of funeral service has been earned by family-owned businesses over many years.  It is a tradition of dedicated funeral directors helping one family at a time, at any time of the night or day. There are many questions that should be asked of each funeral home.  One of the most important general questions is whether or not the local funeral home is owned by a large corporation, or family owned and operated.  Just because a funeral home is not locally owned does not automatically make it worse than one that is, but there are more questions that should be asked.  

Likewise, if an independent funeral home is not a member of Independent Funeral Professionals, it does not mean that they are any less competent than a member firm, but, once again, there are more questions that should be asked.  If a firm has been “Selected for Excellence” and is a member if IFP, we have asked these important questions for you.  You can be absolutely certain that a member firm is reputable, fair, financially sound, adheres to the highest industry standards of service, and is dedicated to the support of the family, the community, and the industry.



If you are concerned about selecting a funeral home and knowing the right questions to ask, we have a helpful booklet for you, and it is FREE!  This special publication shows you how to get high value for the money you spend.  A $2,500 funeral can be a disappointing rip-off, and an $8,500 funeral can be a bargain.  It all depends on what you want and what you get for the money you spend.

We will help you understand how to get the most value for your money, and how to select the funeral home that is right for you.

Simply send us your name and address, requesting your copy of

“Important Questions to Ask Your Funeral Director”


If you have specific questions about how to select a funeral home, or about any of the services that are offered, you may use us as an important resource.  Simply ask us your question, and we will be glad to respond to your request.  As a consumer, if you would like a copy of our booklet, “Important Questions to ask your Funeral Director”, simply send us your request.  The information is free.  Our objective is to help you understand your options, and to help our member firms continually offer new ways of supporting the strong tradition of service for which the independent funeral home is known.

If you are a funeral professional, please take the time to visit our other pages, and return often to see what new is happening.  Find out more about the benefits of membership and recognition as an Independent Funeral Professional member firm.  We are always interested in your questions, comments, or suggestions. Doing business in the future will be much different than it has been in the past. We have assembled a team of experts to help make it easier.

Our name says it all...

Independent Funeral Professionals

An Association of Professionals
IFP is a National Association of Independently-owned funeral homes that are
“Selected for Excellence” for the service and value that they offer
to the families they serve.

Our members recognize their responsibility to be responsive to their families and their community.  They are leaders in an industry where compassion and care is expected, but not always delivered.  They have been chosen for their contributions, high service standards, and their commitment to the future.

When selecting a funeral home, look for the IFP logo.  This is your assurance and guarantee that you have selected one of the finest funeral providers in the nation.  Each member has pledged their total commitment to supporting the families they serve.

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