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Funeral service continues to change dramatically. Now there is an organization that helps independent funeral home owners promote their independence and professionalism.

The name of our organization—Independent Funeral Professionals —is a powerful statement. It is a name that will mean something to those who compare funeral homes. The name and membership identification sets you apart from your competition and tells your community you have achieved recognition for the service you provide.

Non-competing member firms are selected for their commitment to the families they serve and to their community.

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The Mark of Distinction:

Explore more about Independent Funeral Professionals.  Basic membership includes many advantages for the member firm. In addition, there is a menu of extended services that member firms have available to them. At IFP, we are interested in advancing quality service and providing enhanced funeral value. We help our member firms grow their business now, and expand their options for the future. At the same time, we never lose sight of the importance of providing exceptional service to each family served. Select any link on the left to learn more.


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