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Member Benefits

Funeral Home Recognition
Member funeral homes receive personalized advertising and strong on-premises awareness materials to identify them as a firm “Selected for Excellence.” This sends a strong message to all funeral home visitors that this firm has been singled out for excellent service and value.

Professional Development
Regional seminars and the IFP Newsletter are ways that non-competing firms can exchange valuable ideas and new learning. Members stay up to date on market trends and industry developments that can effect the future of their business.

Keeping the Independent independent
Access to succession planning support is a way to assure your funeral home can remain independent and a source of pride in the future.

Proven Marketing Programs
More than making marketing materials available, IFP has developed an entire series of proven programs to support member funeral homes develop their market.  On premises awareness materials, Community Outreach programs, Family Follow-through programs are all available with support materials, training, and follow-up consultation.  All programs are proven business development tools, and created by IFP. Member firm have access to the program developers and authors.

Displaying the “Mark of Distinction”
Member firms use the IFP logo and name to set them apart. This identifies the firm as one that has been carefully selected for its outstanding service and value to the families it serves.

Affiliation with Quality Industry Leaders
IFP works with several supporters of funeral service to bring their proven services to our members, often at substantial savings. Business Services, Professional Development, and Market Development are ways that we can all take advantage of the synergism of working with the best in the business.

Your Internet Connection
IFP can help member firms develop an internet site, and can provide valuable guidance to avoid pitfalls that other firms have discovered.

Market Research and Development
Market research is important in today's competitive business climate, but only if it is accompanied by a plan that works. IFP understands the funeral market, and can provide members with helpful Business Plans, Integrated Marketing Plans, and much more. We don't stop with the information—we can help our members implement action plans to succeed.

An Information Source—On YOUR Side
At IFP, we analyze the trends in merchandise presentation, personalization, cremation preferences, and we study the programs that suppliers are trying to sell. In many cases, our marketing experts have been instrumental in developing parts of these industry-wide programs, and we can guide you to the ones that work, and tell you why.  Our dedication is to the success of our member firms and improving funeral service to the public. Therefore, we are free to consult with our members honestly, and only suggest that which is in their best interest.

A Unique Approach, IFP Supports Other Organizations!
IFP firms are often leaders in state and national organizations. Those associations serve a different purpose than IFP. By nature, they must lobby for all of funeral firms—small, large, independent, corporate, even direct competitors.  We do not duplicate their efforts, but focus on our selected members. We do take sides in the local competitive market and help our members lead. But since we recognize the value of other organizations, we encourage our membership to take an active part. We provide a dues credit for members who also support their state organization.  

The Time to Join is NOW
Bring your knowledge to our organization, support the future of independent funeral homes, and stay on the cutting edge of your profession. Ask us today about becoming an Independent Funeral Professional.

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