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The changes in funeral service continue to present new opportunities. Over the last couple of years, the business has changed courses several times. Large corporations were acquiring funeral homes at a frenzied pace, and it appeared as though the independent was a disappearing breed. Then the reality of running the business caught up with these companies, with resulting bankruptcy or near-bankruptcy threatening their existence.

It then appeared as though the scale was tipping back in favor of the independent. The reality of a flat market, and other challenges to grow the business quickly demanded that funeral professionals who were going to prosper in the next millennium needed new solutions. The public started expressing a concern over the value of today's higher priced funerals.

It was during the strong acquisition run that IFP was created to send the message that all funeral homes are not alike.

Today, our role is changing. We understand what the consumer wants, and how to deliver high value (not necessarily high expense) funerals. By providing goods and services that exceed the expectations of the families they serve, IFP members are taking advantage of the tremendous opportunity that is presented, and are gaining significant market share. The result is that they will prosper, and have more options to compete in the future.

Sharing this new learning, and helping members excel has become the 2001 focus of IFP.

If you are an owner of a dedicated, independent funeral home, and want to be an active partner in inspiring the future of funeral service, you should contact us today.  Together, we can make a difference.

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