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Independent Funeral Professionals, Inc. has been providing support for independent funeral homes since early 1997.  The funeral industry has been changing dramatically, and new techniques are needed to help the independent compete in the future.  Even “small” funeral homes are important businesses in their communities, and operating these businesses well allows the owners to provide additional value to families in the future.

Independent Funeral Professionals was created to help the independent, and offers a full menu of support.  We understand the challenges of the funeral home owner, and bring talent and skills to supplement the independent, providing depth and more options.   The quality funeral homes we support have experienced growth and a gain in marketshare.  We help our member firms expand on their strengths, and help them tell their story.

Because we have marketing and administrative experts on our staff, we are prepared to offer our members a full range of extended services to help assure the success of these funeral homes in a competitive market.

We believe that the funeral profession offers compassionate service at a very difficult time for most people, and that this profession was built by independent caregivers who have been dedicated to high standards of service.

Independent Funeral Professionals recognizes this unselfish service, and works with quality funeral homes to expand their marketshare.

Key areas that are part of the support IFP offers its members include:







Business Planning
“Success begins with a Plan to Succeed.”

IFP can help a member funeral home develop a Mission Statement, evaluate their opportunities, and identify unique strengths and needs.  A confidential Situation Analysis is prepared for the funeral home.  This becomes the firm's “road map to success”, and outlines specific objectives and strategies that we identify with the owner.

Integrated Marketing Plans
“Funeral Service Marketing isn't selling, it is Finding Ways to Serve Families Better.”

Following the Situation Assessment, an integrated marketing plan is often prepared with the input from the member firm.  It is prepared by experts, and includes an assessment of community needs, is consistent with the Business Plan, and is completely confidential. Implementation of this plan is at the owner's option.

Business and Administrative Support
“You do what you do best.
You can leave the details to professionals identified by IFP.”

Independent Funeral Professionals coordinates complete “hands-on” help with administrative details.  It is more than an accounting program. The support is tailored to the needs of the funeral home, and is always completely confidential. Profitability is improved, and the Funeral Director is free to meet with families and conduct funerals.

Because we offer a menu of options, the client firm may choose whether or not this service is important.  If the firm chooses to use IFP's professional support, it is provided with state-of-the-art programs, in-depth reporting, and exclusive information that keeps the funeral home owner in complete control of his business. Costs for these optional services are extremely competitive.

Professional Development
“Ongoing Staff Education Assures High Value for the Families Served.”

By providing new learning for the staff of member firms, they always have the ability to serve their families better, and build high value for their services. Professional Development is an ongoing effort, and Independent Funeral Professionals takes the lead in providing this critical learning and industry information.

Succession Planning and Support
“Helping Independent Funeral Homes remain Independent.”

This special service helps new independent funeral directors own their own business. IFP can provide full management support  and integrated marketing plans to help assure the new owner's success. The seller can be proud of the business in the hands of a family member or trusted employee. In addition to succession planning, IFP can provide a full range of tax planning, estate planning, appraisals of funeral homes, and buy/sell agreements.

If you are an owner of an independent funeral home, and interested in more information about possibly becoming a member of Independent Funeral Professionals, click Contact Us or call tollfree (888) 437-7769.

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